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Thursday 5th October 2017:
Over the past couple of weeks we have been trialling a new Zoning system at Lunchtimes in order to give the children designated spaces to play and to enable the Mid-Day Supervisors to play more games with groups of children.
The Foundation Stage children (who have a different Lunchtime to the KS1 children) have sole use of the small Pirate ship playground for the duration of their playtime and a rotation system is in place for Years 1 & 2 as they go in and come out from lunch at different times.
The Senior teachers and I have been out everyday to monitor and we are very pleased at how well the children have responded and the lunchtime play, whilst still a freer time with children running and playing, is much more easily supervised. 
I have also spoken to some of the Mid-Day Supervisors who have been positive about how the system is working.

Source: Headteachers Blog

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