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School Uniform



We strongly encourage the wearing of school uniform as this gives children a sense of belonging to our school team, keeps them looking smart and avoids competition over clothing for most of the school year. School uniform is worn by every child in the school, except on PE days or when other clothes have been requested by letter, for fund raising or special days.
We ask parents to ensure that children wear sensible school shoes or black or white trainers, not jellies or flip-flops.


We ask that children do not wear nail varnish, transfer tattoos or jewelry (other than studs for pierced ears) and have sensible hairstyles. If children wear wellington boots to school in cold or wet weather, they need to change into normal school shoes for indoors.


Our school colours are grey and green. Green sweatshirts and white polo tops (with logos), bookbags, and school hats are available from Simmonds, Chatham Dockside. However, children do not have to have the logo items, most supermarkets offer plain versions in the correct colour.


Due to the practical and physical nature of activities in Early Years Foundation Stage children should wear:

  • Black / Grey jogging bottoms or black leggings – in the summer black shorts may be worn.
  • White polo shirt.
  • Green sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan


Once children enter KS1 they generally revert to the more formal uniform of:

  • Black/ Grey trousers; skirts or shorts
  • White polo shirt / blouse
  • Green sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan
  • Sensible shoes / sandals with closed in toes.
  • In summer, black/grey school shorts or summer dress may be worn – our colours are green and white. Dresses can be purchased from any major supermarket.



Our PE Kit is a plain white round neck t-shirt and dark green or black shorts.
Each child needs black slip-on plimsolls all year round.
For the winter months the Yr1 and Yr2 children require trainers and an outdoor PE kit – this should be a dark green or black tracksuit. Children also need a PE bag (green available from Simmonds) however, these can be any colour.

NO jewellery should be worn to school except small studs if a child has pierced ears. These must not be worn during dance or PE lessons, again for safety reasons. Unfortunately, children have to be excluded from their PE lessons if earrings cannot be removed, for their own safety. Therefore we recommend that the start of the Summer holiday period is the best time to get children’s ears pierced without affecting their PE entitlement.


Riverview caps, in our school colour are also available from Simmonds.


Each child will need a sun hat/cap in hot weather, as our playground offers minimal shade.

Water bottles and coloured lanyards are available to buy from the school through the Arbor app.


Please label all items

Parents are requested to ensure that all property brought to school is marked clearly with your child’s name e.g. plimsolls, wellingtons, jumpers, skipping ropes, lunch boxes, outdoor coats, hats, gloves and outdoor shoes, as well as uniform items, so that we can reunite them with any lost belongings as quickly as possible.

ALL CHILDREN will need a small book bag to carry books and letters between home and school. Riverview Infant.
We ask that you do not send backpacks or large bags as we have very limited space.


The school uniform shop Simmonds is located at Chatham Dockside shopping center.  All uniform is purchased through them and no longer sold through the school.